Surviving Covid-19

With God’s help, Restoration House of Greater Kansas City survived the COVID-19 crisis and is now well into a recovery, with new approaches for a radically changed world. Survival meant reducing capacity in everything except services to minor victims of sex trafficking, which continued undiminished.  In March and April, we implemented the first three of our nine element Innovation and Recovery Plan (survival, undiminished services to minors, refining the plan itself- see visual at bottom). In so doing we reaffirmed our original moral and spiritual vision while developing and successfully implementing new ideas for transforming our organizational processes and structures to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

In May and June, we navigated the next three elements (networking, full-capacity adult services, and a streamlined but funded budget) with the help of your generous response to our last mailing.  First, we applied a network approach that included: a close and funded partnership with Rended Heart; networked applications for two grants from the Department of Justice designed to identify and heal victims and support counter trafficking task forces (we will learn the results by early September); and progress towards close working relationships with the Missouri Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation, the Kansas City Coalition Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation, the Archdiocese of Kansas City, the Missouri Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force, The Salvation Army, Compass Health Network and Cass County Psychological Services.

Second, healing services for adult women were brought back to full capacity. Business process transformation enabled (1) competitive rehiring of Donna Davis to a new position at R|H Farms (combining duties from two legacy positions into one) based on the new network business model, (2) partnership with Rended Heart to provide the stabilization and COVID-19 quarantine services that now serve as the front end of Restoration House’s trauma-informed healing process. On June 22nd we officially dedicated the Beverly House at R|H Farms, beautifully refitted both to optimize the healing environment and to attain county permission to operate through compliance with health and safety regulations. The women in our program took residence the next day. R|H Farms is now at full capacity.  Third, we funded the new baseline budget, which includes hiring a new manager for the Rehope Market and Café in Greenwood, the first step towards reopening this important outlet for R|H products, for hiring survivors as they reintegrate into the job market, and for augmenting fundraising. 

We are now moving out on the final three elements of the plan. These begin with creating a buffer fund and endowment. The intent is to create resilience in the face of future shocks, to invest in the transitional reintegration and lifelong support to sustained recovery that follow residential restoration and reintegration (which becomes a priority next year as the current women in residence at Beverly House graduate to transitional housing and independent living), and then resumption of our march to ever greater capacity and quality of care. The last two elements, an integrated clinical approach for minors and adults and revision and implementation of our long-term strategy, require the substantial growth in human capital and infrastructure required to help close the massive capacity gaps in local, regional, and national services for adult and minor females victimized by sex trafficking.  These services must be interwoven into broader efforts to investigate, prosecute and dismantle human trafficking activities and to heal the victims, which itself is largely an unfunded R|H requirement.

Please help in any way you can at whatever level you can afford in these difficult times.  The crisis has had a massive negative effect in expanding commercial sexual exploitation, with pornography and interactive online sexual acts, growing especially fast.  In turn, social distancing and financial crisis shrunk services everywhere.  Moral evil and criminal exploitation of the worse sort compounded the natural evil of COVID-19, and we are determined to do everything we can to put an end to human trafficking and sex slavery.

Thank you for your continued support.  We could not do this without the Lord’s provision and a strong ongoing base of volunteers and donors!


Dr. Rodney Hammer, Chairman of the Board

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Here is what a few of our partners had to say about collaborating with Restoration House…

“As the public and law enforcement increasingly becomes aware of and is identifying victims of human trafficking, we must have a safe place for them to go to in order to receive healing and break the cycle of abuse.  Since 2015, Restoration House has been a consistent provider of housing and individually tailored services for survivors of human trafficking and their families. They work with participants to help them overcome challenges, coordinate services, provide system navigation, and reduce the occurrence of returning to high risk environments. In my work advocating for victims, I have appreciated the quality of care that those who I have referred to Restoration House have received.

Housing for survivors of human trafficking is an ongoing and much needed resource. It is imperative that established organizations like Restoration House, who provide services specifically designed for the unique and complex needs of survivors of human trafficking receive the financial support required to sustain their residential facilities and programming.”

Alison Phillips, Director, Human Trafficking Task Force, Missouri Attorney General’s Office

Restoration House has an excellent track-record in integrating and coordinating services for the targeted population, and we are confident in their experience and capability to effectively administer this proposed program that will assist victims of human trafficking with the resources needed to stabilize their lives.

Donni Kuck, MSW, LCSW, Vice President of Corporate Services-Western Region, Compass Health Network

Here is what a few of our current residents had to say about Restoration House…

“I’m thankful for Restoration House because since coming here I have a restored sense of hope and I now know what it feels like to have a family.”

“I am loved.  Thankful for a new beginning!  Jeremiah 29:11”

“Restoration House is a way to build your solid foundation and your relationship with God and healing!  So get ready to overcome!”

Because of generous financial support from our community, we were able to rehire one of our staff.  Here is what she had to say about coming back to Restoration House…

“I am so blessed to be back at R|H for a front row view of God working in these ladies lives.  There is nothing like seeing God touch them and having them know they are loved unconditionally by God and by all of us.”

Donna Davis, Victim Services Business and Case Manager, Restoration House of Greater Kansas City