Reflections On Freedom This 4th Of July

As I sat in my comfortable home this past 4th of July, and heard many fireworks being shot off all around our normally quiet neighborhood, my thoughts may have been distracted by the loud noises, but evidentially turned to freedom.  


Freedom is something that we know we take for granted. 

But no one that has been a victim of human trafficking does.  In that world, freedom is only a very distant memory. And that is tragic.  

This past week, a former rhythm and blues superstar, R. Kelly, was sentenced to thirty years in jail.  He took and stole freedoms from women as a sex trafficker.  

He won’t see freedom until he is 85 years old.  

We don’t know if any of his victims will ever be truly “free”.  We hope they can find a place like Restoration House to help them overcome.  We pray that they can recover and learn to enjoy these freedoms we take for granted. 

Restoration House helps women daily recover and regain their freedoms.  With your help, we can give more human trafficking survivors the freedom they deserve.  By clicking on this link, you can help survivors celebrate like it’s the 4th of July for the rest of their lives.

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Freedom.  Let’s never take it for granted.  Let’s pass it on.