The Story of How Restoration House Was Born

Restoration House of Greater Kansas City (RHGKC) began its mission in 2015 as a response to the increasing epidemic of human trafficking in the U.S.

Opening the first home for adult women survivors in May, 2015, adding a home for minors in 2019, and now RH farms restoration community, a seven acre property with long-term housing, therapeutic small animal programs, gardening, Christ-centered spiritual development, holistic wellness programs, job training and education, trauma informed counseling and life coaching. RH farms also partners for medical and psychological needs.

Today, RHGKC is a leading organization in offering long-term residential housing and a comprehensive, faith-based curriculum suite of programs and services for survivors of human sex trafficking.

RHGKC believes the healing and restoration process is a long-term endeavor, and necessitates a steady and patient faith-based, trauma informed process.

RHGKC has developed a 1-3 year restoration community, where survivors are able to receive the individual attention and focused programming that promotes sustainable healing and restoration. Only then can these survivors move confidently toward healthy, self-sustained, independent living.