Lydia’s* Story

Early on Lydia* learned to fend for herself, while her parents both worked full-time jobs to make ends meet, Lydia* also worked a part-time job and often carried the additional responsibility of caring for her younger siblings. 

I didn’t find Restoration House.
God found it for me.


But, when Lydia* turned 15 she began hanging out with the wrong crowd. She started staying out late and skipping school. By the middle of her sophomore year of high school—and living in constant conflict with her parents—Lydia* decided to move in with her new boyfriend.

As the two struggled to make ends meet financially, Lydia’s* education became an afterthought. She picked up a full-time job as a waitress, but it was exhausting and meant she never got to spend much time with her boyfriend.

For a split second she considered moving home and making things right with her parents, but pride got in the way.

Lydia* recalls the night her boyfriend started talking to her about their money problems, the rent that was due, and how he had spent too much money on online video-gaming. 

That was how it all started. 

Lydia’s* boyfriend invited a guy over to the apartment that night—followed by a series of subtle manipulations, threats to Lydia’s* safety and the promise of a future together—Lydia* consented to his suggestion. Surely she thought, it was “just this once”. 

Years later, and having been forced to sleep with thousands of men, Lydia* found herself alcohol dependent, drug-addicted, with a felony record and having had served six months in jail. Lydia’s* boyfriend was no longer a boyfriend, but her controller, her “business manager”, or what she now knows as her trafficker. 

Restoration House gave me back my life…
they’re unlike any people I’ve ever met.


Lydia* stayed—afraid to run—because she knew nowhere to go, even if she did.

In time, Lydia* walked out of the bar where her trafficker managed her appointments for the night, and disappeared into the night. Two days later, from a cheap motel, Lydia* made a phone call to Restoration House of Greater Kansas City, asking for help.

Lydia* is now a wife, mother of a beautiful two year old daughter, and helps provide for her family with her steady job as an office assistant. 

*Lydia’s name has been changed to honor the safety of her identity. This story is based on true survivors in KC who have found a home and a hope at Restoration House. The names and dates have been changed to protect the identity of those we serve.


Through Restoration House, you provided Lydia* with a home and a hope. Where for the first time she was with people who loved her unconditionally—and without the expectation of something in return. Through our comprehensive programs, Lydia* also developed the skills to re-enter society and have hope for a brighter future.

you can provide a hope & a hope for more survivors like lydia*