Kaler’s Eagle Scout Project

My name is Kaler Lidgett. I am a Life Scout in Troop 92. For my Eagle Scout Project, I am partnering with Restoration House of Greater Kansas City. Restoration House endeavors to heal adult women and minor girl survivors of human trafficking. Restoration House provides housing, food, healthcare, therapy, education, and job skill training without charge, to adult women and minor girl survivors of human trafficking.

In May 2019, Restoration House took possession of a donated property on 5-acres, just 30 minutes outside of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. On this property, Restoration House will expand their capacity to between 25 and 40 adult women survivors. Restoration House will eventually acquire 40+ additional acres where their capacity will increase further to accommodate 150-300 adult women and 50-100 minor girl survivors. In doing so, Restoration House will serve as the nation’s largest long-term residential housing and most comprehensive programs and services for adult women and minor girl survivors of human sex trafficking. Survivors from across the U.S. will be able to reside at Restoration House and be afforded the time, space and individualized care, to become healthy, self-sustaining, significant contributors to society, much like a woman would attend a college or university.

For my Eagle Scout Project, I will be building a fire pit and arena where these ladies can enjoy a fire, fellowship and hopefully feel free again. I will be building an area large enough to easily accommodate the 20-30 women and will furnish it by building benches and stools that can be moved around the arena. To start this project, I need to raise funds to purchase the materials for the area and benches. Any funds raised over what is needed for my project will go directly to the Restoration House and their worthy cause. I am very excited for this project and the cause that it supports. If you can help with a donation, it would be greatly appreciated by both me and the Restoration House. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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