COVID-19 Crisis Response

The COVID-19 crisis with its extensive economic consequences has put tremendous pressure on the resources of non-profits, including Restoration House of Greater Kansas City. We remain committed to our long-term vision of helping close the massive gap between required victim services, preventative and restorative, and whole-of-society capacity to provide them. But this means rethinking our approaches to navigating the short-term financial disruption and long-term changes wrought by the COVID-19 crisis.  

We are adjusting our staff to a minimum-essential level to ensure Restoration House can continue to provide aftercare and reintegration services to both adult women and minor girls victimized by sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. The home for minor girls will, however, remain fully staffed and operational. We request your ongoing financial support for the girls as well as the adult women’s restoration program.

Rodney Hammer will serve as Interim President as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors with Jennifer Hutton as administrative point of contact, and Roxie Loyd as Director of Restoration Services. Dr. Hammer supported by the staff and working Board of Directors is developing an Innovation and Recovery Plan so Restoration House can, as soon as conditions permit, rebuild capacity tailored to the post-crisis environment, counter new threats as traffickers take advantage of the crisis, and leverage emerging opportunities to serve in the fight to stop human trafficking and heal its victims. 

We ask for your prayers and support in these difficult times and pray for your health, safety and prosperity!