R|H Farms

RH | Farms

a place to call home

Long-term residential housing for survivors of human trafficking.

In May 2019, R|H took possession of a donated property just 30 minutes outside of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. This donated property allows R|H to expand capacities for adult survivors. On this 7+ acre property, R|H is expanding capacities for adult survivors to eventual nation-leading levels.

This begins a new journey for R|H, called R|H Farms, and meets the fastest growing and second largest criminal enterprise of human trafficking with a proportionate response to help close the massive gap in needed housing.

R|H Farms will serve as faith-based long-term residential housing and comprehensive programs and services for survivors of human sex trafficking. Survivors will be able to reside at R|H Farms, being afforded the time, space and individualized care, instruction and therapies necessary to become healthy, self-sustaining, significant contributors to society.